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What To Do When Banned By Google Adsense

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

It is a bad day for anyone who gets banned from Google Adsense. I’ve experienced a partial ban from Google Adsense in the past, and I know people who have gotten the full ban, meaning all their sites getting banned at once. This really takes the fun out of making websites, and it takes a huge hit to anyone’s income.

Steps to Take When Getting Banned by Google Adsense
1. Immediately sign up for other ad companies. Good places to start are infolinks, chitika, and adbrite.
2. Replace the spot where your Google Adsense ads were with ads from other companies. The longer you wait the more revenue you stand to lose.
3. Don’t Panic! Write Adsense and explain, maybe you can get your account back, but it doesn’t always happen.

Life happens and so does getting a fat ban from Google Adsense. Make sure you stay with their terms of service so you can avoid this before it happens!

Resources for Google Adsense Ban
1. Google Adsense Terms of Service
2. Google Adsense Program Policies

Google Adsense Is The Best Way To Earn Money?

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

So many people believe that Google Adsense is the best and only way to earn money online. While Google Adsense works well on some websites to earn money, it is not the best way to advertise on other websites.

If your website is getting a low ECPM (earnings per thousand) using Google Adsense, maybe it is time to change. While Google can give me really good ECPM on some of my sites, other sites it performs very poorly. Google Adsense is not the end all solution for all publishers. There are plenty of ways to get advertising revenue outside of Adsense. Sites like PayPerPost, Infolinks, Chitika, etc, all provide additional revenue sources.

So before you consider that Google Adsense is your only advertising solution, consider some of the alternatives.

How to Contact Google Adsense and Adwords

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Google probably has the least amount of Google Adsense support I’ve ever seen.  However contacting Google Adwords will be easy.  The difference?  Google knows that Adwords users are very important to them since it pays the bills at Google.  While Google Adsense is an important program to them, Adwords ultimately pays the most  bills over at Google Inc.

Contacting Google Adwords
A good place to start is Adwords help to see if your question might have already been answered. Via this  link  or try Google AdWords Phone Support Number – 1-866-2-Google

Contacting Google Adsense
Trying to contact Google Adsense is a lot trickier.  There is no support number that I know of, though you can try the 1866 2 Google Number,.  There is an email that you can use to contact Google Adsense. You must use this contact form to contact Google Adsense.

I keep these numbers and links saved because I oftne have to contact Google for issues regarding both Google Adsense and Adwords.  Keep them handy and make sure that if you have a problem that you do contact Google!

Income Report with Adsense June 2009

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Everyone has been asking me to post this adsense income report for 2009 which I missed out on posting back on the 1st.  I’ve made a habit of getting this report out this this month.  However, the one thing that makes this month different is the month without adsense, well sort of.  I still run adsense on most of my websites just not this one after I was blocked at the first of May.

June 2009 Adsense Income Report


Chitika – $1500

Infolinks – $1,100 Sign Up HERE (it’s worth it)
Total – $2,700

Other Websites
Total – $6,450 (a combination of affliate,
, and infolinks)

Total – $9,150

Overall I haven’t missed Adsense too much.  Time will tell if things continue this way.  One of the main reasons I didn’t get slammed without Adsense is the fact that Adsense was paying me a low ECPM anyway.  Losing it wasn’t a huge deal.  It would be nice to have the option, but until I get reapproved, I’ll be be doing just fine.