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Cheapest HD TV Projector, My Cheap HD TV

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

What would it cost for a 60 inch HD TV? How about $150?  The cheapest HD TV Projector might be easier than you think.  With my current setup, infocus projector and HD TV Tuner the whole setup cost me $160.

Getting the Cheapest HD TV Projector
I used eBay to get my InFocus projector for $150 which works well for the price with still at least 1500 hours on the bulb.  Keep in mind if you watch TV day and night a projector might not be the best option.  But for those who prefer HD at night from a PC and HD tuner, this is a great option, portability and a gret price.

Building Your Own HD TV Projector
For like $100 you can build your own high quality projector.  But keep in mind these methods are far from portability.  If you travel like me, getting a standard projector is the best way to have big screen on the go, but if you just need a basement movie theater, build your own!  I wrote earlier on how to do it HERE.

What About the HD Tuner for the Projector?
Oh yeah getting one cheap? Well if you haven’t gotten your HD converter box yet, get it now!  Though this isn’t ‘true’ HD, it comes close.  Using the S-video output on my Apex DT250, I am able to get a very good picture.  Keep in mind it only gets HD Signal broadcast over the airwaves.

YouTube HD Video Section, YouTube Adds HD Section

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Now YouTube is going all HD in a new video section that features HD only videos. Thanks to increasing internet speeds, most video is slowly but surely all going to HD. This means DVD quality videos online, and a move away from those low res video clips that YouTube used to only offer.

Of course offering HD is going to cost YouTube even more bandwidth and space. As you might have heard before, YouTube has had problems turning YouTube into a real profit machine, stuggling to find ways to even cover the costs of just running YouTube.

In any case, just enjoy quality HD videos in the exclusive YouTube section via this link.

Of course one of the most popular ‘HD’ films recently is the Where is Matt video.