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Mininova Goes Legal and Traffic Plummets

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

What is the fastest way for a torrent site like Mininova to lose traffic? Go legal. To avoid getting fined, Mininova went all legal with immediately negative results. With traffic plummeting they no longer will be one of the top 10 bit torrent websites. In Mininova deleted over a million torrent files.

Mininova in fact last a court case that ordered them to remove all infringing files. According to torrentfreak “The torrent indexer was told by the court to remove all infringing torrent files from its index. This was technically unfeasible according to the Mininova team, who were left with no other choice than to remove all torrent files uploaded by regular users.”

This little action just proves that you never know what is going to happen to your website in the future, so invest now, diversify and hope that such a court ruling doesn’t ruin your business.

Where to Find Legal Pictures, Photos for a Blog

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

One of the best SEO strategies for a blog is including legal to use pictures and photos, allowing you to also capture traffic from picture search engines as well as search engines for text.  The biggest question is, what pictures are legal to post on a blog and which are not?

The legality of a picture or photo is usually a very grey area that can get some bloggers into trouble.

1. If a photo has a copyright, don’t use it.
2. If the photo is from a website in which you need to pay for pictures, don’t use it.
3. Any photos of high profile people should be used with caution.

Source to Find Legal Pictures, Photo for a Blog
I often use Flickr as a source for finding blog photos.  Photos will be marked whether they are copyright, and if they are you won’t be able to right click on the photo, so there is already a system in place to prevent you from accidently using a copyrighted photo.

Try using Zooomr as another method to find creative commons photos. You might also try  everystockphoto or stock.xchng.