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Mahalo, The Ultimate Seo Mashup Setup?

Friday, February 5th, 2010

One site I’ve been paying more attention to lately is Mahalo which seems to be the ultimate SEO machine. Mahalo does well as a mashup that I had to wonder if having a mashup would be the best layout for a blog? Does pulling up related Google searches, Google images, videos, etc help give your blog better rankings? Mahalo seems to think so, taking their posts to the extreme, having automatic content automatically posted from across the web.

In fact if you look at Mahalo’s feed, they are having topics to get indexed by google that have no original content. They just mashup the information using scripts that automatically grab related content. Did they find a loophole that lets them get indexed very well with stealing content in a legitimate way? They only take the amount of description that Google has and in fact the only have thumbnails of the images. No legal issues have been raised yet that I know of. So maybe Mahalo really does have one of the best seo tools?