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Making Money Online Without Google or Adsense?

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Can you make a successful online business without relying on Google or using Adsense to earn profits? The answer is yes, that there are many websites making money online without relying on Google at all. In fact using Google Adsense can be stressful since your income can fluctuate daily with minimal control.

Relying on Google for traffic is a good way for users to come to your site for free, but what happens if Google changes the way it ranks your website and you lose much of your traffic. What would you do?

Though I’ve relied on Google’s search engine and their adsense system for a long time, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. There are people selling products on eBay for money, people offering services ect.

My new years resolution? Start making money with ways outside the Google stronghold!

Tips For Begging For Money Online

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

There are plenty of ways to beg online for money as I wrote in a previous post about begging for money online. Besides for visiting those sites on that post, like, it takes more than just asking for money to actually get money.

1. Don’t just ask for money. Everyone wants money, so why should a give anyone begging on the internet some money?
2. Provide proof and photos.  The more you can prove that you actually are in a dire situation, the more chances you have to get cash. Why not shoot a YouTube video? Provide pictures, testimonials, whatever it takes to show that yes, you are not just anyone, you really need to beg for money.
3. Have an easy way to collect money from begging.  Most people prefer to use paypal.  Paypal is one of the easiest and most accepted ways to recieve money online.

So please stop writing send me money, I can’t pay my bills. That definitely is not the way to beg online for money and get results.

Earning Money from Surveys Online

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Many people have tried to supplement their income by earning extra money from surveys. Some places I’ve used to earn money from surveys online include places like surveyspot, and other exclusive surveys. While these surveys have paid directly to my mailbox, even filling the surveys out as fast as I could, I rarely could earn more than $6 an hour.

This could be a good idea for people from third world countries, though it would defeat the entire purpose of the surveys. Surveys are meant to have honest answers from people from the actual target market they are looking for. However with people from third world countries actually changing their ip and joining in on the survey, do they actually give accurate results?

In any case give a website like a try and see for yourself if this could be a way for extra income.

People Who Are Professional Bloggers

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

There are even more and more professional bloggers out there.  More and more have people found blogging the perfect way to make additional income.

Some examples of people who are professional bloggers include Alex Shalman who started out with about five subscribers to his blog which was usually just family members.  Thankfully Alex Shalman kept working and now he has over 4,000 subscribers to his personal development blog.

Gary Vaynerchuk started Wine Library TV and worked so much that even his family business started to suffer, with him putting less work into business and more solely into his video blog.  Now thanks to the time he put into his videos, he has over 720 video blog episodes and one of the largest video blogs on the internet.

There are plenty of people who are becoming professional bloggers.  Like in the two examples, I wrote about, sometimes it takes work to get it going, but with patience and perseverance it is possible to become a professional blogger under your own accord.