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Blog Anywhere, Your Blogging Office Anywhere

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

If you work online, such as a blogger, why buy an office?  When you can blog anywhere, why even consider paying for an office, when the whole world is your office.

A few examples:
Sitting in the library, using the free wifi and blogging.  Sitting in a coffee house, drinking coffee and blogging. Going to the park with your pc sharing the wireless internet from your phone.

Or you could buy an office somewhere and if it’s down in your basement, get a lack of freshair, fresh surroundings, and use up space that could be dedicated for something else.

blogging anywhere

Reasons to Get Out and Blog Outside Your Home
1. Focus and concentration: At home there are too many distractions.  I could take a shower, cook food, watch tv, all these little distractions that keep me from getting the job done.  When I’m out blogging, I keep my focus and do what I need to.
2. Social Interaction: It is easy to feel cut off from the world when you spend the day at home blogging. Going out lets you at least see that there is a world outside your home.  You might even make friends this way.
3. Inexpensive: Even if you go out and have a coffee, tea, water, everyday for 30 days, spending $2 per day, it is not much more expensive than your monthly phone bill.

Disadvantages of Blogging Anywhere
1. Cost: Not everyone is willing to spend $2 for coffee when there blog only makes $1 per day in income.
2. Transportation?: Not everyone lives in an area easily accessible to outside cafes.  Those living in small countryside areas? While I am fortunate to use a bike and buses to get around, some might find it difficult getting around.

office blogging

Still in any case, enjoy the world, use the world as your office, and don’t be afraid to say hello to strange and interesting people.

Best Office Designs, Importance of Office Design

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Through some of the best office designs, a Dutch firm was able to increase productivity and decrease sick days. Through office design, Interpolis of Holland was able to increase productivity 20%, and decrease the amount of sick leave from 9% to 2.5%.

So just by providing a better office design, Interpolis had workers using less sick days, and could easily increase productivity, so happier employees = more money for the company.

Just check out some of the office designs of Interpolis posted by jsigharas
office design
best office design

As you can see the designs of the office are so nice that people come and take tours of the office just because it is so well down.  Want to increase productivity?  Give people a reason to love their workplace.  Instead of making it industrial or boring, make it a place that workers actually wouldn’t mind having their family come and visit.

The Best Home Blogging Office, Office for Blogging

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Getting your own so called office for blogging, is actually important as a blogging office seperates your work from the bedroom.  Those who blog daily from their room, might notice that the always feel somehow connect to their blogging, from when they sleep to when they wakeup.  This morning I even had a bad dream about my blogging sites crashing. 

Seperate Blogging from the Bedroom

If you blog fulltime and in your bedroom, you might, like me find yourself having trouble sleeping.  It’s almost like sleeping in your office.  Whenever I’m lounging in my room, I often feel the need to blog and work since my workplace is in the same room.

The Dream Blogging Office?

blogging office

The easiest way to reduce stress, and the feeling that you need to work, is to find a way to seperate your blogging from the bedroom and into a so called office.  A blogging office could be your kitchen, living room, or an outside coffee shop.  Often I’ll take my laptop and head over to the local Biggbys Coffee to blog (since blogging at home has enough distractions).

What About an Outside Office?

blogging office outside

The fun part of blogging is that your office can be anywhere you want, from the living room, to that park outside.  As long as you have an internet connection, the world is your office.