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Review of Vibrant Media, Total ECPM

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Vibrant Media is one new ad agency I’ve started using so I thought a review was necessary. Vibrant media offers in text advertising for websites that get 500k users. Does the ECPM live up to the hype? Currently their ecpm is good, and it does pay pretty good per ad click. However, most of their ads only show up in the USA and Canada so you’ll need to use another ad agency for foreign traffic.

Currently I’ve been using a combination of Vibrant Media and Infolinks to get the most out of my text links. So far the combination has paid off, giving me a higher total earnings than using either ad company alone.

If your website does qualify for their stringent requirements, leave me a comment below and I can personally recommend you too their ad agency.

The Sony Daily Edition Reader Release, Review

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

The new Sony Daily Edition is supposed to be one of the real first competitive e-reader devices to the Kindle from Amazon. The $399 Sony Reader Daily Edition will be ready to read by December according to Sony executives. Much like the Kindle, the Sony Daily Edition will be able to get books, daily newspapers and other reading material from AT&T Inc.’s cellular network. This probably means that your favorite blogs will be available also.

One reason to pick up a new reader like the Sony Daily Edition is the presence of free books like books from Robert Patterson, Joseph Finder’s “Paranoia” and even Keyes’ “The Briar King.”

sony daily edition reader

The Most Annoying Online Ads, Audio Ads

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Some ads that I’ve found to be annoying more than others are internet audio ads.  These audio ads open entering the website disrupt music, peace of quiet and anything else by playing audio announcing that you’ve won a free xbox or a free wii or whatever else, usually in a very loud voice that keeps repeating the longer you stay on the webpage.

Result of these annoying audios ads? Less people will want to visit your website, which could mean a loss of readers, loyal visitors, or even bad comments about your site.

There are services that will offer pay per view audio ads, but is it really worth it?

All Day Blogging With the EEE PC 1000he

Friday, March 6th, 2009

So after my laptop went kabloom I went out and ordered the EEE PC 1000he. This laptop makes possible what is called all day computing, or blogging in my case. Even with running WIFI, Webcam, and having the brightness on the third from the lowest setting, the EEE PC 1000he still managed to get 6 and a half hours of blogging time on a single charge.

Reasons I chose the EEE PC 1000he. Two of the biggest factors were the size and the battery life. This thing fits in my small bag, about the size of a book and at the same time seems just large enough to do computing as normal. The keyboard seems easy to type on, especially now that they have redesigned it with the chicklet style keyboard.
eee pc 1000he

Going into battery life, this laptop should last up to at least 9 hours on the most optimal settings. Even with wifi, microphone and webcam I still manage to get 6 and a half hours of charge. This is great for my flights across the Atlantic, allowing me to do the work I really need to, rather than just staring out the window wasting time. EEE PC 1000he gets a plus for productivity.

Now the negatives of the EEE PC 1000he
This pc is by no means a gaming machine. I’ve been able to watch 720p video without a problem, but when it comes to any newer games like Red Alert 3 for example, this pc is not going to do the game justice. Sure with software overclocking this pc can run at 1.8ghz speed, but it is not dual core, something that is required by most games these days.

The other thing is the screen size. It took awhile to get used to seeing less of the screen, but what do you expect with a ten inch widescreen. If you want a netbook, you are going to get portable internet browsing, basic applications, but anything major and you are better off getting something full size.