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How to Make the World Smaller, World Internet Tools

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

The internet has made the world a little bit smaller, and with world internet tools, you can shrink the world and make it even a bit smaller.  With anyone able to connect with anyone world wide, the internet is one of the easiest to experience cultures the entire world over.

World Internet Tool: Listen to World Wide Radio

With internet radio you can listen to most any internet radio station worldwide.  When I’m driving in Michigan I can listen to German radio, connected to my phone’s internet.   I can just as easily switch over to New York radio stations or a house music radio in Australia. – This is a great tool for discovering radio the world over. – Find more music the world over

Watch TV the World Over

My site has been reporting how to watch tv from just about anywhere, but besides that there are a few tools to watch tv wherever you are. – Watch TV from the world over with even USA network channels like CBS.

Find Books Written the World Over

New is the option to get books in pdf format written in multiple languages from the world over.  Now you can read books written in many languages as well as books in your own.  Currently there aren’t too many options for reading books from pdf, besides printing the out or buying amazons book reader.  We are just waiting for them to perfect digital – this is a great way to find all kinds of books

Read News from Other Points of View

Why hear about news only from your countries point of view? Now you can read the news from other new sources besides the one on your country.  Hear what the British think about the US election or what they are doing in Australia. -get news from a British persepective – get news from an american perspective – German news in English – Australian News in English

Best Way to Optimize Your Website and Blog, Tools

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Speed is everything on the internet and by optimizing your blog/website you can guarantee that your site loads fast enough.  I recently did my own optimization of clickfornick just by using the following tools and optimization methods:

Checking scripts on your site:

I lost some optimization on my blog through the last year as I ended up leaving various scripts running that no longer served a purpose.  Start looking through your code, and make sure you know the purpose of each script being loaded. You just may have a few processes slowing down your site.

Best Tools to Optimize Your Website and Blog

1. HTML Optimize – This will compress your html code into one string of text which will take up less space after elimnating any unneeded spaces. However it will make it hard to edit your code, so make sure to keep an uncompressed version of your code on hand.

2. Image Optimize - Start using this tool to optimize your web images and reduce the total size.  Maybe you don’t really need 64 colors and only 3?  The difference can be dramatic.

The key is getting your website in the smallest file size possible to guarantee the fastest load time whether your site is being loaded with a mobile phone or on a 56k modem.

Free Tools for Running an Online Business, Tools for Business

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

When running a business online, it helps to start organized.  Using Tools designed for online business can help you effectively manage not only the finances of your online business, but also manage invoices.

Zoho Invoice – A free service allowing you to Manage invoices and payments, format invoices and quotes, set up recurring invoices, and more, with free and paid plans.

Weefolio – Create an online business portfolio for free.

carbonmade – Showcase your own online business portfolio

Practice Fusion – Keep free business medical records online

Project2Manage – Keep track of business to-do lists, and more.

Task2Gather – Free online task and project management. – A free online pdf editor

.docstoc – Share and add your online business documents on this document sharing site.

Simple Sales Tracking – A free online sales tracking application

Bizroof CRM – Free online business contact management

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