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Importance of Blog Design for Traffic

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Though you can design your blog anyway you want, blog traffic can be influenced by the actual design of your blog. Though I haven’t changed the blog design on this blog for over a year, I’ve experimented with other sites such as and and seen positive results after changing the design to something more professional.

You can win a reader over with your blog content, but to get them to continue reading, you need a blog design that doesn’t look spammy or unprofessional. By adding your own custom design, you can help make your blog design look more original and credible. On I even added my own Avatar of myself for a more personal effect.

When it comes down to it, free blog templates are cheap, but they make your blog look like everyone else’s. If you are getting decent traffic, pay for a professinal design or at least design it yourself.

Christmas Website Traffic Is Low?

Friday, December 25th, 2009

On Christmas traffic, website traffic across the boards is usually really low, unless your website has something to do with Christmas. Low Christmas traffic causes many people to be on edge, especially those who make a living from adsense. Many have written that the worst Adsense earnings are from the 23rd of December until the 2nd of January. Mikeiser felt the sting of the holidays, writing that his adsense earnings were “real low”.

Back in 2007 a forum discussed the drop in Adsense Christmas traffic also. Many found that Adsense traffic was lowest during this time, giving their traffic a nosedive, and keeping them on edge.

Best way to fight low Christmas website traffic? Just keep working hard to improve your blog. Use your holiday free time to improve your seo. Improve the usability of your blog and just get everything ready when things go back to normal.

Mininova Goes Legal and Traffic Plummets

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

What is the fastest way for a torrent site like Mininova to lose traffic? Go legal. To avoid getting fined, Mininova went all legal with immediately negative results. With traffic plummeting they no longer will be one of the top 10 bit torrent websites. In Mininova deleted over a million torrent files.

Mininova in fact last a court case that ordered them to remove all infringing files. According to torrentfreak “The torrent indexer was told by the court to remove all infringing torrent files from its index. This was technically unfeasible according to the Mininova team, who were left with no other choice than to remove all torrent files uploaded by regular users.”

This little action just proves that you never know what is going to happen to your website in the future, so invest now, diversify and hope that such a court ruling doesn’t ruin your business.

Building a Forum for Additional Traffic

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Adding and building a forum for your website is a great way to build additional website traffic. Forums are indexed in Google and allow for other people to have conversations right on your blog. These conversations get indexed by Google, linked to by other webpages, and build more content for your website. This all leads to one think you are trying to get more of, traffic.

I chose to stick with BBPress for my forums. BBPress is essentially from the makers of Wordpress, is free, and can easily be linked to your Wordpress blog, even automatically importing all the user names and passwords from your Wordpress blog.

A popular chose for building a forum is also VBulletin which would set you back $180. It isn’t that much though if you want a really good forum. Plus VBulletin has a lot of support. Still in the end I chose the free solution since I can always upgrade later.