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Best Wordpress Auto Posters and Auto Feed Stealers?

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

When it comes to auto blogging, their is no auto poster that can beat pure handmade written text, but they can however add content easily and automatically stealing feeds from whatever post you want on the internet.

In fact auto posters can be really helpful if you need to compile information fast from various sources and don’t have the time to do it. Take for instance a coupon site. You could use an auto poster to compile coupons from many different coupons, then manually go in and approve which coupons to post.

Some of the various auto posters out there, that are also free include:
Wp O Matic


One of the premium auto posters I’ve been using is called MyVideoBlog and automatically takes feeds based on youtube and republishes them including the video. I’ve got my own custom templates designed to make things even more unique. Of course I go through and hand write all the posts myself for even more unique articles.

Ways To Keep Wordpress Virus Free

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

After dealing with wordpress for the last two years, I know how easily wordpress can recieve viruses.  All it takes is for an open door in  wordpress and a hacker can insert his own scripts that make your wordpress blog the deliverer of viruses.  Once Google gets ahold of the fact that your website has a virus, it will list you as a virus website.

Steps to Prevent a Wordpress Virus
1. Always update Wordpress to the latest version
2. Try making all your files on your server read only
3. Install antivirus for wordpress plugins
4. Keep a fresh backup not located on your computer (viruses you recieve on your computer can infect your wordpress files)

Use a Simple Comment Captcha for Wordpress

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

There is a reason why you should download the Simple Captcha for Wordpress comments.  Spammers will bombard your blog with spam comments the second you disable this plugin.  I’ve been using Simple Captcha for Comments before my blog got taken down by evil hackers.

Since I forgot to reinstall the simple comment wordpress plugin, I’ve got thousands of comments to look through. If I didn’t activate that plugin today, I’m afraid I’d have 10s of 1000s of comments to delete.

What this plugin does is create a captcha for wordpress comments, this stops most spammers.  Though a few will get through, that will be a lot less to look through then the thousands of comments that will get through without a Captcha.

Simple Comment Captcha for Wordpress
Get it via this link if you haven’t already

Wordpress 2.9 Download Includes Image Editor

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Now you will be able to edit images right in the next download of Wordpress 2.9. Now this won’t require any plugins. Wordpress 2.9 will be a great download for editing images even easier, and of course it should be more secure than previous versions of Wordpress. As I’ve noticed the previous downloads of Wordpress actually led to my website getting hacked and having viruses inserted since there are some holes that leave certain files available for attack.

We will be looking forward to the new Wordpress version 2.9, even though all we can really expect to be able to do is, be able to crop, resize, and rotate images.

Wordpress 2.9 Download
You’ll find it soon enough at